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November 10, 2013

Peta Panned was originally set up as part travel blog / part existential crisis. I began writing it whilst living in Toronto, Canada on a 'working holiday'. I fell into an existential crisis of sorts partly thanks to the poor wage I earnt working as a cashier in a restaurant (I am an experienced primary school teacher in Australia). I suddenly realised I was suffering from Peter Pan Syndrome, the avoidance of growing up. Or was I? Was I just making the most of my 'youth' before youth travel visas are beyond reach.

As I found full-time work in admin and juggled finishing my Creative Writing courses (via correspondence), I struggled to find the time to update the blog-- at least to the level you deserved. This was very frustrating as I had so many things to say. When I left Toronto with my travelling sidekick, the time to share the ensuing travel (mis)adventures was even more scarce (as was power and internet often).

We returned home to Australia in September, jobless, homeless and with $50 left on my credit card. Back to our parents' houses we went. And with it, any motivation to write. From living out of each other's pocket in tiny apartments, tents and rental cars, we were suddenly an hour's drive apart without a car or even a mobile phone. But, we'd been there before after living in the UK so we knew what we were getting ourselves into.

Fast forward 2 months and it has dawned on me that I have indeed 'grown up'. Faster than expected, we have our own place to live in a beautiful spot in Newcastle, cars and full-time jobs. My plans to go back to substitute teaching (with all that glorious time off to write) were abandoned when I stumbled onto a job as writer for an educational resource company. Although I wasn't looking to give away teaching, the opportunity to combine my two loves was too good to miss. Plus, it's a whole lot better than the summer jobs I was looking for (usually over the Christmas period stores hire casual workers for the increase in customers).

While choosing which photos to print, I realised that so many brought back funny or interesting memories. A good story is a good story, no matter how old it is. Right? Hence the Retrospective Travel Blog.

I hope you enjoy my rambling reminiscences as I attempt to regale you with stories of my travels- the good, the bad and the mundane (as is often the case). By sharing them, I'll remind myself of why I've had to start all over again (again).


If you're new to Peta Panned, please enjoy reading my old 'existential crisis' posts. The first post is here.

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