What's with the change?

Hot town, Summer in the City!

May 8, 2013

Well, not quite summer but after a long winter, the 20°+ has felt just like that. And we’ve had a ten day stretch of it! It’s a welcome break after winter dragged its heels to the last week of April. In fact, in four months the temperature barely changed, except for the odd day here and there.
On a gorgeous 8° day (?!) I unzipped, yes, unzipped my coat and pumped my old man’s ‘Summer of Love’ album on my ipod.

From winter flowers to...
“You came at a good time,” everyone joked on our January arrival. I still think we did. I’d much rather arrive in winter and see the progression into summer than witness the reverse. I loved winter– the snow, the slush, the ice. (Strangely enough I was colder living in Manchester. Even an Australian winter without heating is more intolerable.)
Winter left me wondering,
Where has duck down been all my life? Oh, that’s right, nowhere. I haven’t really needed it. With my coat and $2 thermal tights from good ole Honest Ed’s, I barely felt the -15°. The majestic winter began to wane though when Daylight Saving kicked in in early March– surely the earliest anywhere in the world!
It snowed on the first day of spring.
Then came April. One night, 8pm, I looked outside and watched a beautiful summery sunset. Too bad it was -5°.

... spring tulips!

But enough of winter. Everyone hates a weather whinger!

Hot town, summer in the city… where did all the people come from? And all that skin? All of a sudden there are children and teenagers (I had wondered if there were any in Toronto) and people sitting outside for no other reason, just sitting. At least they keep their shirts on... It isn't England.
Reenactment of actual event

The weather was so nice we took a Frisbee and a visiting relative on the ferry to Toronto Island. I was a little disappointed because at the time, the trees hadn’t quite bloomed and it still looked wintery. That, and the beach looked more like dirt than sand.
Note to self: cartoon maps may be misleading

Warning: nice weather can cause bouts of hysteria.
I still got sunburnt though. Not a little pink, but a huge red lobster chest. You’d have thought I’d sat on a beach in Australian summer for hours. There must be some scientific reasoning to skin being covered and not use to the sun (I burnt like a Pom on return from England too). On that reasoning, I should’ve seen other people walking around with sunburns. I didn’t. Maybe everyone else had more pressing issues on a Wednesday other than playing Frisbee.
The benefits of occasional employment…